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Harwin high-reliability Flex Printed Circuit Assemblies with 2mm Datamate J-Tek and 1.25mm Gecko connectors

Harwin Datamate J-Tek and Gecko hi-rel connectors are now available with attached flexible printed circuits (FPCs). These versatile FPCs are low profile designs that combine the go-anywhere routing of cables with the reduced vertical space required by SMT connectors. Replacing standard cable connectors with these flex-mounted SMT connections enables far closer stacking of PCBs, which saves space in applications such as aerospace, motorsport, satellite and defence installations. In addition, the FPC design allows for right-angled connections, so they can be kept at the periphery of the PCB which simplifies connector mating and improves thermal management. To ensure secure connection at all times, Datamate connectors are fitted with stainless steel jackscrews, while Gecko connectors have latches.

Harwin FPCs are available with either Datamate J-Tek for 2mm pitch connectors and 1mm pitch FPC, or Gecko for 1.25mm pitch connectors and 0.5mm pitch FPC. Standard 10-contact assemblies in single- and double-ended designs are available from stock, other FPC assemblies are available on request.

Benefits of Harwin FPCs with Datamate J-Tek and Gecko connectors


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